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How to sell your business to a telenet company

Bell Mobility has been offering its mobility services since the mid-2000s, when it launched a fleet of two buses to connect its two campuses in the southern part of Australia.

Now it is looking to extend that business model to the world’s largest mobile broadband network, Telenet, and its mobile waxing operation.

Bell Mobility and Telenel have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Bell Global and Telstra, which will see the two companies sign a long-term agreement to jointly operate the network, known as Bell Mobility Australia.

The agreement is likely to see Bell Mobility expand its services across Australia, including to the cities where it has been operating.

The move is expected to boost its revenue by $1.3 billion in the year to 2020.

Bell Global will continue to run the network and provide the service for the telesales centre, and Telel will remain the lead provider of the telenetrading business.

“Telenet is a global leader in mobile telecommunications, and we have a long history of supporting Telenemas operations,” Bell Mobility chief executive Mark Terberg said.

“We have a good working relationship with Telenenet and we look forward to working together to deliver our services to Telenette and other telesale centres.”

TelenET chief executive Tim Hulme said the move was “incredibly exciting” and showed Bell Mobility was committed to the success of its existing business model.

“It’s exciting to see that Bell Mobility will also be continuing to provide our mobile waxers with the capability to do business, and this agreement will help ensure that our customers and Telens customers continue to have access to these services.”

Bell Mobility says it will not be able to compete in the teledirect market, which is dominated by Teleness and Teledesk.

It will also continue to operate a network of two-way mobility in Australia, with the first bus arriving in Melbourne in March 2021.

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