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Facebook business mobile: Facebook business page to support Facebook business line

Mobile users have been asking to be able to make Facebook business phone calls, and now the company is working on a mobile business mobile page to help them do so.

The page will let users send an SMS to their Facebook business contact in order to call up a call center to make a phone call to an individual customer, rather than having to call Facebook directly.

The Facebook business app will also be available for those who use their phone to call other businesses.

The goal of the page is to simplify the process for people who have mobile access but want to make business calls on the go, or to use it to connect with people who are out of town or who don’t have access to Facebook’s business mobile platform.

Facebook announced in February that it will begin offering a mobile phone app in 2018 for Android and iOS.

The app will have the ability to make phone calls as well as send and receive text messages, and the company says that it is also looking into adding video calls.

The company says it plans to launch a Facebook phone app for Android in the near future.

Comcast Mobile Fingerprinting Business: Comcast Launches Mobile Fingerprints Business to Protect Users

Comcast Mobile is the first mobile fingerprinting and authentication company to announce its mobile fingerprint business.

The company’s announcement came just a few days after the FBI released a statement accusing Comcast of providing “vulnerabilities” to “cyber criminals.”

The FBI said it had discovered that the company had “enabled a network-based backdoor, known as Mobile FingerPrinting Protocol, which allows attackers to access sensitive information such as payment card numbers and credit card numbers.”

The company says that Mobile FingerPR is designed to “impose a secure fingerprinting service, where the user’s fingerprint is stored locally on the device, and can be used for authentication, authorization, and even data collection.”

The FBI also said that the device would allow hackers to steal customer information.

It’s not clear if Mobile FingerPHP will also work with Apple Pay, which was also reported to be vulnerable.