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How to build your own video game console: An interview with an ex-employee

A former employee of an Italian video game company is talking about the challenges of building his own game console, and the company that made it.

“I was a contractor for two years at the time.

I was hired as a game designer and it was an amazing experience,” the former employee told The Wall St Journal.

“When I started to work on the console, I was really shocked.

I knew nothing about game development.

The games I worked on were just not the kind of games you can make.”

He said the console was the first one he ever built, and it would be the last.

“The console is a big investment.

If you do it correctly, you will end up with a very nice system,” he said.

The former employee, who did not want to be named, told The Journal he started working on the system in late 2011.

The company did not disclose the exact date the device was built, but it was made sometime between the second quarter of 2014 and early 2015.

The console has been in the works for at least three years.

It is not known whether the company has any employees working on it.

The company’s last official game console was launched in 2015, but the company said the current console is in “critical” condition.

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