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How to use eir app on your mobile device – eir mobile

Mobile app eir has released its mobile app for mobile.

It’s available on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7.1 and has been updated for the Android and Kindle Fire platforms.

The app allows you to download and store photos, videos and other media.

The photo library includes over 300,000 photos and videos from over 120,000 photographers, plus more than 300,00 albums of music.

The video library includes nearly 100,000 videos.

The music library includes music videos, mashups and more.

The eir apps are free to download on the Google Play store.

The eir Apps also include a number of services that you can access from your mobile.

The company has launched a video streaming service that lets you view YouTube videos and upload them to your eir account.

The service is available in both the UK and US.

The new video streaming feature is available on the Kindle Fire platform.

There is also a new social media service, called Eir TV.

The social media app lets you share your video views, likes and comments, and also lets you search for the videos you like and watch.

You can also stream content from your device to other eir devices.

The content can be played on your tablet or smartphone.

There are also plans for an iHeartRadio app, which will let you listen to radio stations from your eIR devices.

The apps also provide more useful tools for photographers.

The camera app lets users upload photos and video and upload it to the camera of their choice.

The iHeartAudio app lets photographers upload their photos to a cloud storage service.

The iPhone and iPad app also lets users create custom video streams.

The main app for eir is available for both iOS and Android devices.

For more information, visit eir.com.

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