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Mobile app store is set to launch soon

Mobile app stores are set to start launching in India soon, but there are some hurdles to overcome.

Business mobile app store (BMS) operator Baidu has partnered with mobile phone operator Vodafone India to launch a new mobile app.

BMS will also launch a mobile application for businesses to track their customer activity.

The company is partnering with Vodacom India to make the new app, which will be available in the Google Play store soon.

The app will be integrated into Vodacon India, the country’s third largest mobile phone provider.

Baidus app will offer the most advanced analytics for the mobile and digital commerce industry.

It is the latest move by the mobile app giant, which was recently acquired by Google for $3.6 billion.

The new app will allow customers to monitor their activity, track their purchases and manage their mobile account.

It will also offer a range of analytics, including location and time, and it will be accessible on any mobile device.

Baidu, which is the world’s second-largest app store, had partnered with Votacom, India’s third-largest mobile phone carrier, to launch the BMS app.

It had already partnered with other big mobile app companies like Baidhu, Tencent, Facebook and Twitter.

Vodacomm is the second-most valued smartphone app in India.

It is estimated to be worth Rs 1,200 crore.

Bids were received from six Indian carriers.