Mobile arcade business expands in the Philippines

Sep 17, 2021 About us

A mobile arcade business in the Philippine city of Tacloban is expanding with the addition of an online casino and mobile gaming app.

The Taclobar Gaming & Entertainment Inc. said on its website that it plans to open a new mobile arcade and mobile arcade-only business in Taclobo City in the coming months.

Taclobans gaming industry is estimated to be worth P5.7 billion, according to the Philippine Association of Gaming Companies (PAGC).

“We want to grow and we want to expand our business into mobile gaming and mobile casino,” said Marcela Reyes, owner and operator of the Tacloba Gaming & Arcade in Taclioban.

She said she plans to build a casino and a mobile arcade that will have online and mobile betting options.

Reyes also said the Taclicoban-based company plans to offer live gaming with the launch of its first mobile arcade in December.

The company plans the first game to be played on a smartphone by November.

It said it plans for other games to be available for mobile gaming in the near future.

“We are already operating in three provinces, with a plan to open up more in the future,” said Reyes.

“There are many mobile casinos and mobile games, so there’s no limit to how many we can open.”

For now, the Taclifar Gaming & Games Inc. is focused on the Taclubo City area.

“We are in a big area with a lot of people.

We are also trying to expand and expand,” Reyes said.

The Philippines has a growing population, with more than 200 million Filipinos in a population of nearly 11 million.

It has a strong gaming industry and is a tourist destination.

Tacloban has a history of developing a thriving gaming industry, with several casinos and gaming halls operating.

However, it has struggled with low wages and competition from China and other Asian countries.

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