Bell Mobility Launches Mobile Wallet with a Smartcard and Cash Back

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Posted February 08, 2019 05:23:48The Bell Mobility mobile wallet is getting a new look, thanks to the arrival of a smartcard and cash back feature, the company announced on Wednesday.

The Bell Mobile Wallet will work with a variety of different payment options, including cash, credit and debit cards, the Bell company said in a statement.

Users can also tap into their smartphone to manage their payments with the help of an in-app bank.

Bell said the new feature is “part of our effort to provide the most secure, convenient, and fun experience for customers.”

“As we continue to innovate and improve our mobile wallet and mobile payment products, we are excited to offer customers more convenient and secure ways to manage and pay for mobile apps and purchases,” Bell said.

“The new mobile wallet offers users more control over their purchases and offers a more convenient way to pay for their mobile applications.”

Customers can sign up for the Bell Mobile wallet by visiting and selecting “mobile wallet.”

The Bell Mobile website will have the new features, including a feature that lets users tap into a smart card, which will allow them to make purchases and make payments from a mobile device.

The app, which has been available for iPhone and Android, has been downloaded more than 17 million times and was downloaded more that 12 million times in the first week of availability.

It was also the most downloaded app of all time on Apple devices.

Users will be able to choose from a variety in payment options.

Users will be asked to enter their contact information when they purchase from the app.

The company also added a “Pay Now” option for merchants, allowing users to pay with their mobile device in minutes or minutes and hours.

Users can pay with credit or debit cards.

The company said users can also pay for the purchase of items from a vending machine or with a smartphone app.

The Bell Wallet also supports a variety different payment methods including cash advances, gift cards, prepaid cards and loyalty cards.

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