Which mobile pizza company are you buying?

Aug 17, 2021 Blog

Mobile pizza company Pizza Express has announced it is moving into the restaurant industry.

Pizza Express will launch a mobile pizza app on the Apple App Store, which will be available for Android and iPhone users.

Pizzas will be delivered via Apple’s delivery service, which allows customers to order online.

The company says it has a large mobile customer base.

“We are excited to launch Pizza Express into the food delivery market,” said Mark Karpinski, CEO of Pizza Express.

“With this app, we can offer our customers the convenience of ordering on the go, from anywhere.”

PizzaExpress also announced plans to expand its pizza delivery service into New York City and Austin.

Passionfruit Pizza has added delivery service in Austin and is looking to expand into Washington D.C.

The pizza company’s expansion plan will allow Pizza Express to expand to new markets.

“Pizza has been a staple of our customers’ diets for more than 15 years, and we are excited for Pizza Express’ launch into new markets,” said Mike Riggs, President of Passionfruit Pizza.

“Our team of talented chefs and our team of pizza-lovers are eager to work with Pizza Express and deliver our delicious pies to the customers of the world.”

Passionflower Pizza will start accepting orders on Tuesday, Jan. 16.

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