What you need to know about the bee mobile app and how it works

Jul 20, 2021 Services

How do you know what’s coming next?

The bee mobile application can be used to make the first contact with a bee in a mobile environment, according to a new study by researchers from the University of Auckland.

The application can track a bee’s location, location of its food sources and even its temperature.

The app also tracks how long the bee is at a given location.

The researchers from U of A, led by Dr Shailendra Bhattacharya, said they have found the application is effective at making the first connection between the bee and a food source.

This allows a bee to quickly locate the food source and prepare it, and then the bee can travel to the food spot to consume the food.

Dr Bhatticharya said this is very different to the process used in a traditional beekeeping environment, where the bee will have to travel to a food site for its first meal of the day.

The application allows a honey bee to locate food sources in a variety of situations, from the food they eat to their temperature and humidity levels, and also the bee’s temperature.

Dr Shai Bhattchary is lead author of the study, published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

“In the first trial, we saw that the bee application was effective at identifying food sources at locations that the bees were not previously aware of, which is particularly useful when a bee needs to travel in an area for the first time,” Dr Bhatchary said.

“The bee application also allowed the bee to rapidly track the temperature of a food in its environment and the honey bees ability to detect it, allowing it to determine if it is safe to consume.”

The researchers said the bee app also provides a mechanism for a beekeeper to manage the environment for their honey bees.

The study was conducted using a large number of beekeepers and honey bees, to determine whether the application could be used for monitoring the health of the bee, and to assess the safety of the honey bee colonies.

The app, developed by Dr Bhandacharya and Dr Dinesh Bhagwati, was tested on two sets of honey bees and on a control set of bees, using the same number of trials.

They found the honeybees with the application were significantly healthier and more likely to survive than the control bees, and more successful at producing colonies in the first few months of using the application.

The bees were also able to recover more quickly after exposure to the application, which may help to prevent future stress from the application being reintroduced in the future.

Dr Bhatachary said that he was excited by the results.

“We are interested in the potential applications of this application for honey bees in the honeybeekeeping industry,” Dr Bhagwin said.

Dr Shailesh Bhattochary said he hopes to expand the study into larger samples of honeybees and the use of this technology to help in managing the health and welfare of honey beekeepers.

“This will allow us to better understand the health impacts of the application and develop a better understanding of the role that the application can play in reducing stress on the honey colony,” Dr Shilak Bhattanchary said, with the aim of ensuring better bee health.

The research was supported by the National Research Council of New Zealand.

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