Mobile Ka’s new app makes it easier for people to manage their finances

Jul 2, 2021 About us

The mobile app startup mobile ka has added a new service for people who don’t want to take on the burden of managing their own money.

The new app, called Mobile Ka, allows people to easily transfer money from their account to another bank account.

The app allows users to check their balance at a specific bank and then transfer money to their preferred bank account, rather than having to open an account manually. 

Mobile Ka says the app is more convenient for people with limited financial literacy. 

“It allows you to quickly transfer money and to use the same account in the future,” said mobile ka co-founder and CEO Samir J. Khanna.

“We’ve done this in an effort to make it easier to use mobile phones for everyday transactions, like checking your bank account balance, transferring money from your bank to your favorite bank account.”

Mobile Ka has over a million users on Facebook and over 400,000 on Twitter, but Khanna said that’s because it has a high amount of users in China, where people use the app to check accounts, make payments and manage their money.

In addition, mobile ka recently launched a mobile wallet service, called M2.

Mobile Ka is using M2 to allow users to securely store their money on its website, which allows people in the U.S. and Canada to send money to mobile ka’s mobile wallet.

Khana said that it’s also possible for people in India, who are far more familiar with the idea of mobile payments, to start using mobile ka for payments. 

According to Khanna, mobile ko’s mobile payments are actually much more complicated than the ones offered by other banking apps, such as Square.

Khannas goal with mobile ka is to make mobile ka the best money manager in the world, by allowing people to transfer money easily from one account to the next, and keep their money safe. 

In addition to being a mobile payments app, mobile kabay can also help people manage their home loan and car loan balances. 

The mobile ka team is working on a number of other projects.

Khbanas co-founders wife, Kavita, is also the CEO of mobile ka.

Khnanna said Khanna has also been working on launching mobile ko as a video-based wallet.

“She’s been working hard on it,” Khanna added.

Khanni said that he believes mobile ka will help people save money by allowing them to save money at home, without having to deal with an extra bank account or bank checkup.

“The more money you have at home and in your wallet, the better,” Khannasa said.

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